Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education

Sir Ken Robinson’s latest book offering (April 2015) has been eagerly awaited and lauded Sir Ken has certainly stirred up educational debate over recent years and provided a focus for many of those willing to question the status quo […]

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Center for Teaching and Learning, Maine.

From PBS Newshour, USA. April 29th 2015.

‘World’s best teacher’ does not believe in tests and quizzes

April 29, 2015 at 6:15 PM EDT


NOTES FROM FLEXISCHOOLING LEARNING EXCHANGE The Centre for Personalised Education – Personalised Education Now  Flexischooling Learning Exchange confirmed what a need there is for Flexischooling! (…as

Flexischooling Learning Exchange

The Flexischooling Learning Exchange was a great little event yesterday. Thanks to everyone who made it, Some excellent contributions, support and ideas. More thoughts later this week. In

Flexischooling Events Updates

Hollinsclough Primary – Small Schools Event Just returned from Hollinsclough Primary  today and their Flexischooling Event for Small Primary Schools. Great to talk to interested headteachers


Whilst sorting materials for the archive of Professor Roland Meighan I came across some notes he’d made for either for a presentation or promotional material for his 1988

International Perspectives on home education. Edited Dr Paula Rothermerl

New Book: International Perspectives on home education. Do we still need schools? Edited Dr Paula Rothermerl

Educational Heretics Press Educational Heretics Press relaunching this year!! Keep track of its progress on the new EHP Facebook page Educational Heretics Press Facebook

Flexischooling Learning Exchange Saturday 18th April 2015

Flexischooling Learning Exchange Saturday 18th April 2015 Members and the wider network of friends are invited to join us at this event. Centre for Personalised Education – Personalised

The BIG Problem with the Scientific Analysis of Education. Paul Henderson

It is generally agreed that education policy should be informed by legitimate peer reviewed scientific research arrived at through evidence based rational thinking. There is no doubt in


The incredibly sad and sudden death of Paul Ginnis on Friday 30th January 2015 has reverberated around the networks.

Paul had a long association with our network being at


For your diary!!!. More information next week

Centre for Personalised Education – Personalised Education Now

Flexischooling Learning Exchange Saturday 18th April 2015 1245-1730. CPE-PEN Members – free. Non-members

There’s nothing irregular about flexi-schooling

There's nothing irregular about flexi-schooling

Our rigid, semi-privatised British education system doesn’t seem to like it, but part-time learning is great for kids. From the Guardian

CPE-PEN New Trustee – Director

CPE-PEN are delighted to welcome Wendy Charles-Warner as trustee - director. Wendy brings with her a wide spectrum of knowledge, skills and experiences. She has a legal background,

What is the point of home education? Paul Henderson

Always the voice of reason. Paul writes so well and passionately about education and learning.  He has real insight into  mainstream and alternative perspectives. Don't undertsand home-based education?


SELF MANAGED LEARNING COLLEGE NEWSLETTER June 2014 – Edition Eight Introduction This newsletter has some updates on our work. We are always happy to elaborate on any items. Just email us if

Ditch the Label Reveals findings of The Annual Bullying Survey 2014

Ditch the Label Reveals findings of The Annual Bullying Survey 2014

Conclusive Evidence That Exam Grades Are Affected by Bullying in Schools


Terrorism: A Constant Threat for our Children. Prof Edith W. King

Tom Bulman on Empoyability

Our recent Employability Learning Exchange proved a tremendous success. Tom Bulman took attendees through a thought provoking day of discussion and activities related to employability and young people.


Reminder... if you haven't already responded we'd love to see you at our EMPLOYABILITY LEARNING EXCHANGE. Full details below. Don't miss Tom Bulman and his pioneering work over

Dr Roland Meighan. 29.5.1937 – 20.1.2014. Full Obituary

Our dear friend and colleague Roland Meighan will live long in our hearts and his work will continue to be the engine

Rethinking Educational Technology Scenarios

Our good friend Dr Tim Rudd at Brighton University has been leading a project based around Critical Perspectives on Educational Technology. One outcome has been a document Rethinking

What is successful learning? Paul Henderson.

The Learning Sweet Spot: and how to find it. Paul Henderson


Check out Tom Bulman’s video School Report    Hear from and talk with Tom at our Employability Learning Exchange

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