Freedom to Learn Forum. April 6th 2018

The Freedom to Learn Forum is an annual festival, celebrating humanity in education, bringing together progressive educators, families and other pioneers to showcase and inspire unique learning communities governed by equality, freedom, and collaboration.

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Education Committee to hold first oral evidence session in Alternative Provision inquiry 

CPE LEX: Educational Difference – Flexing and Personalising Education. Nov 4, North Wales


Educational Difference - Flexing and Personalising Education.

CPE Learning Exchange (LEX). Alternative Educational Futures Series.

Saturday 4th

You don’t legally have to go to school. Boyinaband


 Boyinaband -You don't legally have to go to school.

Thanks to Derry Hannam for flagging this.

Well over 1 million views. Amazing communication skills,

   Guiding Young People after Terrorist Attacks. Edith W. King

  Guiding Young People after Terrorist Attacks.

Prof Edith W. King                 email:

Our dear friend and colleague Edith King writes from the USA once more

 Centre for Personalised Education Learning Exchange (LEX) – Alternative Educational Futures Series: Re-imagining School. 

A huge thank you from all of at the Centre for Personalised Education to those of you who joined us at our event on Saturday 24th

East Kent Subdury School Summer Camp

Unsatisfactory Progress: Article 12 and Pupil Participation in English Schools

East Kent Sudbury School – Public Meeting 3 July 2017.

Radical Education Forum – Schooling and Culture

Radical Education Forum - Schooling and Culture Common House / Unit E, 5 Pundersons Gardens, Bethnal Green, E29QG Mon 26th June 6.30 for a 7 pm, start

Makarios Community School – Democratic Free School, Texas, USA

School Name: Makarios Community School Short Description: Makarios Community School is the first democratic free school for students 5 to 18 years old in the greater DFW area

Connect Futures – Training to build resilience to extremism and exploitation for a safer society

Connect Futures

In these troubled times its great to know there are are good resources and training available. Connect Futures deliver training to schools, colleges, organisations

Self-managed Learning College – New Programmes Co-ordinator Role

Self-managed Learning College

Re-imagining School – Centre for Personalised Education Learning Exchange

Mainstream and alternative education in dialogue. This conference is for EVERYONE - families, learners, educational professionals and interested citizens. 

Look at schools and schooling with

Human Scale Education Conference -‘Relationships within Education’ 16 June, Lincoln


Human Scale Education conference -'Relationships within Education' 16 June, Lincoln

This is an open conference and welcomes participants from all sectors who have an active

Reimagining FE 2017 Conference: Transformation

Would you like to help advance the thinking about Further Education and its relationship with home-based and alternative education? Join the Reimagining Further Education Conference at Birmingham City

Pott Shrigley Primary Flexible Schooling OPEN DAY



Rejoin The Revolution! Paul Henderson

Paul challenges the schooling system to look at alternative education for the answers to personalised learning and assessment. In doing so he looks at best practice in music education


SELF MANAGED LEARNING COLLEGE, BRIGHTON. OPEN DAY Learn what you want to learn. Become who you want to be. Tuesday 6th June 2017 2-4pm

Re-imagining School – Learning Exchange (LEX) event 24th June, London

 Centre for Personalised Education Learning Exchange (LEX) - Alternative Educational Futures Series:

Re-imagining School.

  Saturday 24th June 2017 1000 for 1030-1700


Kimichi School Birmingham – Open Days



Birmingham's first specialist music school - links with Birmingham Conservatoire.

Phoenix Education Trust – Lessons Learned from Many Startups – Course

Lessons Learned from Many Startups - Free Intro Session -
The Phoenix Education Trust is delighted to be collaborating with 

COMMON ROOTS CONFERENCE 2017. A Festival for Educational Alternatives. 20-21 May 2017

Thanks to Richard Schofield  from COMMON ROOTS for this.  Just two weeks away so get booking if interested!


Pott Shrigley CE Primary Macclesfield, Chesire – Flexischooling Available

Pott Shrigley Primary is now offering flexischooling Taken from website information Here at Pott Shrigley we aim to provide a personal learning journey for all

Michaelchurch Ecsley Primary School Flexischooling Programme

Michaelchurch Ecsley Primary School Flexischooling Programme Our Flexi-school Programme is designed to allow children to attend school full-time, while supporting their education in the home environment

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