BESA releases ‘ICT in UK State Schools’ research

Schools getting on with it by themselves  20 September 2011: At a time of significant uncertainty and funding cuts the results of the new 2011 British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) research indicate that that by 2012/13 nearly half of all […]

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Ed Yourself News – September 2011

Using Alternative Provision Funding for Home Educated Children

The survey on home education funding published in May 2011 found that while a quarter of local authorities used Alternative Provision

YoungMinds – UNICEF report highlights the scourge of materialism on British children and Young People

YoungMinds - MEDIA RELEASE 14th September 2011 UNICEF report highlights the scourge of materialism on British children and Young People - YoungMinds Commenting on today’s Unicef/Ipsos Mori Children’s

IALA News 16.09.2011

Social and Emotional Learning Impact by Wayne Jennings CASEL, the Collaborative

IALA E-News 15.9.2011

E-news of 15.9.11
Hello, This has been a very busy week at AERO as we gear up for the revitalization of the magazine and website and catch up on

Book Review: After Summerhill

After Summerhill

By Hussein Lucas (Herbert Adler Publications)


Education Revolution (AERO) E-News 7.9.11

Some items from the e-news of 7.9.11
Experiences at the Rethinking Everything Conference I’m sitting at the Dallas-Fort Worth airline terminal. They say it is the biggest airport in

New book: Children’s Rights

New Book! Promoting Children’s Rights in Social Work and Social Care – A Guide to Participatory Practice by Margaret Bell, the 14th book in the bestselling series Children in Charge

Press release: Children and mobile phones

Westcoastcloud survey reveals 1 in 10 UK primary school children have iPhones   Cloud services provider releases Netintelligence App on iTunes  One in ten parents in the UK feels

Education Revolution E-News: August 2011

Contents: 1) School Starters Enrollment Now Open

Self-Managed Learning College move

Self Managed Learning College Moves to Brighton Youth Centre The pioneering South Downs Learning Centre is building on its success by moving to larger premises at the

Futurelab: Newsletter 81, July 2011


Projects and Futurelab news


Shikshantar – Learning Society Unconference 2011.

Learning Society Unconference, April 2011

The sixth Unfolding LSC was organized at the Deer Park Institute in Himachal Pradesh. This year's conference was self-organized around the themes of Contemplation,

The Family School at Larkhall: Communication Workshop.

Finding the Middle Way: A Communication Workshop For Parents. 

It can be very difficult to remain calm and true to your beliefs and values about parenting when faced with a screaming

Born to Learn: Class Reunion

Born to Learn: Class Reunion

"Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, let me do and I understand" – Confucius We're delighted to link to

Educational Vision and Leadership!

With thanks to Alan Clawley for this snippet... "We need an education system where people can write a few sentences and turn up at nine in the

Flexischooling Conference June 2011

Fiona Nicholson has put up a good page about the CfBT Flexischooling Conference, June 2011and various Flexischooling links on her 'Ed Yourself' site Flexi-schooling Conference June

Sharing Innovation: Classroom of the Future.

 With thanks to Dr Tim Rudd for this link
Transforming Learning in Warrington:

Sharing Innovation

Thursday 23 June 2011, 9.00am– 3.00pm William Beamont Community High School and Sports

Happy Birthday Big Society? More Challenges Ahead

The latest thoughts from Dr Tim Rudd as he turns his attention to the Big Society. Happy Birthday Big Society? More Challenges Ahead  Dr. Tim Rudd Livelab May 17th

AERO e-News 15.05.2011

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LibEd Bulletin May 2011

With thanks to Gavid Gribble for this post. LibEd Bulletin  NEW ARTICLES POSTED MAY 2011  RECENT RESEARCH INTO  EDUCATION BASED ON  CHILDREN’S RIGHTS Derry Hannam  THE RAGGED UNIVERSITY Alex Dunedin The Ragged

AERO E-News 12.05.2011

  Riane Eisler: Transforming Society: A Partnership Educational Agenda (Essay) Riane Eisler's powerful personal story from AERO's anthology, Turning Points: 35 Visionaries in Education

IALA Newsletter 09.05.2011

Life Media Newsletter 05.05.2011

Book Review: Challenging Assumptions In Education

By Beth Balmanno Confession. We are kinda, sorta unschoolers in our household. Of course, relatives, friends, other homeschoolers – even clerks at the

AERO E-News: Schooling the World… The White Man’s Last Burden

AERO E-News Item 02.05.2011 Now Available: Schooling the World: The White Man's Last Burden (Film) “Powerful, effective, direct, clear ... and at the same time poetic, subtle, delicate,

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