The Family School at Larkhall: Communication Workshop.

Finding the Middle Way: A Communication Workshop For Parents. 

It can be very difficult to remain calm and true to your beliefs and values about parenting when faced with a screaming child.  Everyone who comes to parenting in a mindful way struggles with this. 
Old habits, patterns and beliefs, criticisms and the opinions of others, as well as how you were parented, all play a role in creating internal turmoil and anxiety when faced with difficult “parenting moments”.  
Finding your true voice as a parent can be tricky and can leave you feeling anxious, exhausted and stressed.
This workshop will help you find compassionate, gentle, wise ways to communicate with your children

Learn how, when and why to say “no” 
learn to set boundaries that are respectful
Distinguish between the needs and wants of your child: why it is important to know the difference
How can the needs of the individuals within the family be met as the child grows older?
Deal respectfully with anger in your child and yourself
Cope with behaviours that you were taught were “wrong” when you were growing up
Overcome and integrating your own childhood experience 
Maintain balance and harmony within your home and relationships while still parenting in a mindful way.
Workshop schedule:
Please choose the date that works best for you

Saturday 20th August
10:30 to 3:30 

Saturday 17th September
10:30 to 3:30

Saturday 15th October
10:30 to 3:30

Each workshop will be held 
at The Family School

The cost for the day is £50 (discount available if needed)

Each workshop is open to all, but is limited to 15 participants, 
please pass the information on to others who may be interested 

Reserve your space as soon as possible via email, payment can be made the day of the workshop

Infants are welcome,  notify me in advance so that I can arrange comfortable seating for you and your baby.
I am sorry there is no childcare provided during the workshop  
Please bring a lunch. Tea, biscuits and fruit will be available in abundance

Virginia Carrington
The Family School at Larkhall
Where families are engaged with learning, and learning is part of living.
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