Born to Learn Website Launch

21st Century Learning Iniatiative: Born to Learn Website Launch
We’re pleased to announce that The Born to Learn website has launched! There’s plenty to see – the first animation, stories, and plenty of resources to feed your curiosity. We have built with a wide range of users in mind, and hope that it has something for everyone: the casual user, the passionate parent, the intrigued teacher and very importantly for the young people whose future’s these ideas are designed to improve. We look forward to your feedback, and please help us to spread the word. These ideas need some serious airing!

The next animation
You’ll be pleased to hear that, as we don’t sleep or go out much, we’re hard at work on the next animation. You can read more about it on the site, but we’re generally going to stay pretty hush-hush regarding the details. Expect more news in the coming weeks.  
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