New book: Social Thought on Education

A new text by Edith W. King on Amazon: Kindle (U.S and U.K.)    2011

In Social Thought on Education the lens of eminent social thinkers’ writings are brought to bear on  education at all levels. After an introductory chapter the book is divided into three sections.  The first section contains sociological thought from the Pre-911 world. The theories of 20th century sociologists, Robert K. Merton, David Riesman, Erving Goffman, Elise Boulding and anthropologist, Margaret Mead are exemplified by anecdotes, stories, and accounts drawn from educational settings. The book continues with three of the classical social thinkers of the 19th century, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Karl Marx applying their theories to schools, classrooms and higher education settings.  The final section presents a chapter on contemporary uses of social thought developed by Ray P. Cuzzort. An Epilogue concludes the book emphasizing social thought for contemporary educators.

THIS BOOK IS FOR sociologists, educators, school administrators,  social workers and all other people concerned with how society impacts schools and education in the Post-9/11 world.


Edith W. King, Professor of Educational Sociology, has contributed to the teaching of the sociology of education throughout a distinguished career spanning over forty-five years.  She is the author of more than eighteen texts, numerous articles, monographs, and multimedia materials on diversity, multi-ethnicity, gender issues, world awareness, global perspectives and peace building. Among her more recent texts is Meeting the Challenges of Teaching in an Era of Terrorism (Amazon:Kindle 2009)

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