AERO – Education Revolution Newsletter 23.08.2010

1) Progress Report on Fundraising Campaign to Sustain AERO (FUNDRAISER)

2) Become an AERO Distributor! For Individuals & Schools/Organizations (OPPORTUNITY)

3) Update on Online Courses (COURSE)

4) Bridging the Class Divide (FEATURED BOOK)

5) Alfie Kohn: Turning Children into Data: A Skeptic’s Guide to Assessment Programs (COMMENTARY)

6) 20 Books Still Left on Clearance! (SALE)

7) Teaching outside the box: Interdisciplinary program offers alternative to classroom education

8) Why are so many peoiple in their 20s taking so long to grow up? (ARTICLE)

9) Share Your Voice: What is the Biggest Challenge Facing Education Today? (BLOG)

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