IALA International Association for Learning Alternatives: Winter News

Excerpts from IALA’s winter news Institute for Democratic Education in America by Wayne JenningsA fairly new organization the, Institute for Democratic Education in America identifies critical areas for learning that “equip every human being to participate fully in a healthy […]

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OPENEYE FEBRUARY 2011 UPDATE CAMPAIGN MATTERS    The most important item to report is the news that the government has now decided not to go

AERO – Education Revolution Newsletter 23.08.2010

1) Progress Report on Fundraising Campaign to Sustain AERO (FUNDRAISER) 2) Become an AERO Distributor! For Individuals & Schools/Organizations

The Lessons: Hi Stakes Testing = Mis-Education

The Lessons: Hi Stakes Testing = Mis-Education A short video that contrasts the disastrous high stakes testing syndrome with a more creative cultural competency-based form of evaluating a student's

AERO E-news 11.01.2010

Two DVDs at Excellent Prices: Alfie Kohn & Free to Learn from AERO http://www.educationrevolution.org/ e-news 11.06.2010  Free to Learn: A Radical Experiment in Education A Documentary by Jeff Root &

IALA News 02.12.2009

The latest issue of the International Association for Learning Alternatives Newsletter at www.learningalternatives.net contains items on how technology may revolutionize education with some astonishing findings, shows specific

Flux Blog: “Time for a change in the Education System” say Intel, Microsoft and Cisco.

PEN Comment: Futurelab's FLUX blog has a habit of bringing up interesting stuff. Once again the  call for radical systematic change in our education systems comes from beyond

Testing to Destruction 2

The annual exam season is upon us along with the endless debates about testing regimes in the UK. Today the Select Committee Report suggests that SATs could be

Testing to Destruction

The UK schooling system is so wedded to testing that this last few days has seen comprehensive media coverage of the ridiculous pressure students are put under with the

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