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NEW ARTICLES POSTED, JANUARY, 2010 (with apologies for the delay)


The Lycée Autogéré de Paris is a self-governing state school that has been running since 1982


A new definition of a loosely used term.

Harry Potter is defended against the critics who accept The Lord of the Rings and His Dark Materials as serious literature.


A selection of startling suggestions from the TES website.


A Good Childhood, by Richard Layard and Judy Dunn

We are the People we have been Waiting for: a film made for the Edge Foundation.

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Announcement from the Family School at Larkhall

“Education for a better world – learner centred approaches and inspiring examples”

Jerry Mintz, founder of AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organisation), a writer, director of a democratic school for many years and a well known proponent of democratic, child-centered education in the United States will be speaking at The Family School in Brixton, London on Sunday March 28th in the afternoon.

This is an opportunity to hear about democratic education and the new paradigm that many alternative schools are using when making the decision to trust children as learners.  It is necessary to provide the resources and the space for children to learn, as we do at The Family School and then allow the child the freedom to get on with it!  There will be a charge of £6 per adult to attend. You can learn more about Jerry by visiting and more about our new small alternative primary school at

Please RSVP to if you are interested in attending.  Infants are welcome but unfortunately, we must otherwise limit the event to adults because we have limited space and no adults available to supervise the children.

If you are interested in the empowerment of children, have ever thought of attending or starting or enrolling your child in a democratic or alternative school, or wish to help your school become more democratic, or choose to teach your child at home, this will be an interesting event; please do join us.

The Family School at Larkhall

Where families are engaged with learning, and learning is part of living.

Our website is at:

07989 173391

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