Education Revolution (AERO) E-News 7.9.11

Some items from the e-news of 7.9.11 Experiences at the Rethinking Everything Conference I’m sitting at the Dallas-Fort Worth airline terminal. They say it is the biggest airport in the world, the size of Manhattan. I’m returning to the AERO […]

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AERO News 21.04.2011

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AERO E-News. 14.04.2011

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AERO E-News: 08.03.2011

RSVP to the 8th annual AERO conference,"Transforming Education & Our World," on Facebook:   Registration is now open!  Contents: 1) Membership Special: This week only!

Education Revolution E-News 07.10.2010

1) "Real Education: Varieties of Freedom" Back in limited stock after 2 years! (BOOK) 2) NEW: 2011 Education Calendars!

AERO. Op-Ed: Are Kids Naturally Lazy or Natural Learners?

From AERO News 20.06.2010 Op-Ed: Are Kids Naturally Lazy or Natural Learners? Jerry Mintz It wouldn’t be so bad if the current education debate just involved different ways to achieve

Education Revolution E-Newsletter 22.04.2010

Report and Video from the 18th Annual International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC); Ash Cloud Grounds Our Flight in England by Jerry Mintz The 18th International Democratic Education Conference was

LibEd Bulletin

LibEd Bulletin  With thanks to David Gribble for forwarding this LibEd Bulletin NEW ARTICLES POSTED, JANUARY, 2010 (with apologies for the delay)   THE LYCÉE AUTOGÉRÉ IN PARIS Heike Freire The

Education Revolution E-Newsletter 06.01.2010

To further support AERO please find below the whole contents of their latest e-newsletter. I'm sure readers will be interested in following up subscriptions (hard copy or PDF)

AERO E-newsletter 28 April

AERO - Alternative Education Resource Organization e-newsletter: visit   Some items in the latest newsletter: - Educational Freedom for a Democratic Society - NCLB Administrative Tinkering Fails to Address Flawed

New Alternative Education Resource Organisation (AERO) blog

AERO's blog is up and running. Congratulations to Jerry Mintz and colleagues at AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organisation). AERO and Personalised Education Now share much in common. We recommend

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