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LibEd Bulletin  With thanks to David Gribble for forwarding this LibEd Bulletin NEW ARTICLES POSTED, JANUARY, 2010 (with apologies for the delay)   THE LYCÉE AUTOGÉRÉ IN PARIS Heike Freire The Lycée Autogéré de Paris is a self-governing state […]

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The Badman Review. Another attempt to control or silence educational diversity?

By Derry Hannam. This article appears with thanks and permissions from Derry Hannam and also David Gribble (Lib Ed)  www.­libed.­org.­uk). The article was first published by Lib Ed.

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Thanks to David Gribble for the following notifications: LibEd Bulletin NEW ARTICLES POSTED, JANUARY, 2009 ACTIVITY-BASED LEARNING IN CHENNAI Amukta Mahapatra An account of what must be the most widespread

Lib Ed bulletin: New articles for September 2008

The Baumgarten children's home. Siegfried Bernfeld The Kinderheim Baumgarten was a jewish children's home set up in Vienna after the first world war. Bernfeld's  methods would still seem innovative

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LibEd Bulletin NEW ARTICLES POSTED, MAY, 2008 EMERGING PERSPECTIVES ON CHILDHOOD Robin Alexander¹s keynote lecture at the conference on Childhood, Wellbeing and Primary Education organised by the General Teaching

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