Press release: Quest Seekers – NYMAZ Musical Storytimes bring North Yorkshire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge to Life

The Summer Reading Challenge, for children 4-11, is here once again at North Yorkshire County Council’s Library and Information Centres.  Children… • Get down to your local library any time from July 18th and sign up for the Challenge. Mobile libraries […]

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Book Review: Recapturing Childhood: Positive Parenting in the Modern World By Mildred Masheder

Recapturing Childhood: Positive Parenting in the Modern World by Mildred Masheder Published by Green Print. ISBN, 9781854250957 ( To obtain copies of this recent book, as well as the others

Dr Richard House: English Home Educators Under Threat: Time for a Stand of ‘Principled Non-compliance’?

The Home Education (Badman) Review has been published and we’ve already blogged posts about it below. It’s a timely reminder that like all alternatives differences are conceived as

Documentary Educational Resources – Alternative Education Documentaries

Thanks to Brittany Gravely of Documentary Educational Resources for flagging up their film reource. We distribute many new and older documentaries on alternative education:

Sunday Times: Hidden surge in classroom sex attacks

Just how safe are some schools? Rather than pusrsuing home educators perhaps the government should focus its mind on the known horrors revealed here in the From The

Guardian: On education, Labour failed our children.

On education, Labour failed our children. The government has finally acknowledged that its centralised control of schools doesn't work – but for many, it's too late    Jenni Russell, Friday

Telegraph: Labour is meddling where it is not wanted over home-schooling

Telegraph View. Published: 8:01PM BST 11 Jun 2009 Written a couple of weeks ago now but this Telegraph article and the comments posted since provide good coverage of the

Guardian: Labour to junk Tony Blair’s flagship school reform.

Labour to junk Tony Blair's flagship school reform. Headteachers to get more powers as era of centralised control ends Polly Curtis, education editor, Thursday 25 June 2009 22.25

Futurelab: Free Vision Mapper Resource

Futurelab has just launched Vision Mapper, a free online resource that is intended to support education leaders embarking on school redesign, planning a curriculum change or just needing

Guardian: Sexualised primary pupils worry Ofsted

More evidence (if its needed!) that the fears of those supporting the Badman review are being focused  in the wrong direction! Polly Curtis, Tuesday 23 June 2009 20.07 BST

EO: Campaign Website – new page

A new article entitled New Website Page on the Final Badman Report to Ed Balls June 2009 has been posted on the EO Campaign website,

Parents condemn plans for councils to ‘police’ home education

A very lively and interesting set of posts follow the article : Parents condemn plans for councils to 'police' home education in Kent Online 24th June 2009 by

ABC Television: ‘Education systems too narrow’: Sir Ken Robinson

'Education systems too narrow': Sir Ken Robinson Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Broadcast: 16/06/2009. Reporter: Kerry O'Brien Sir Ken Robinson, a leading thinker on education, creativity and innovation, who has advised various

Other learning models video: Imagine a school… Summerhill

Continuning this thread of posts. How sad it would be if we lost what diversity we had in the educational landscape. How sad this diversity is not available

Other learning models video: Democratic education at Sands School

  Democratic education at Sands School   

Rep. Matt Wingard on Oregon’s Virtual Schools, and the OEA’s efforts to Stop Them

One of the threats to those offering choice in the educational landscape is the continuing default positions of those in power and those dominant established interests. We see this in

Other learning models video: Natomas Charter School Individualized Learning Program (ILP)

Natomas Charter School Individualized Learning Program (ILP) is a modified independent study program that serves students in grades 9-12 in Sacramento, CA. This small school setting offers students...

CfL: Creativity and Innovation- 99% Inspiration, 1% Perspiration?

Creativity and Innovation- 99% Inspiration, 1% Perspiration? 07 July 2009, 10am - 4pm (refreshments from 9.30am) Mary Ward House, Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9SN £175 plus VAT **Special Friends' rate of

Press release: UniServity Announces Strategic Partnership with Microsoft

The ability of technology to connect learners, teachers, mentors and support collaboration grows at pace. If conceived and developed beyond the narrow confines of current schooling, further and higher

Postit Science Corporation – Brain Fitness News June 2009

Postit Science Postit Science Corporation - Brain Fitness News June 2009. Two interesting items from the June e-newsletter A Delicious Defense Against Dementia? Scientists at Duke University have found

Flexischooling – advice for Ed Balls

CPE/PEN (as Education Now) have been  advocating that Flexischooling is a good idea since at least 1988 (see Flexischooling. Education for tomorrow, starting yesterday by Dr Roland Meighan

Personalised Education Now E-briefings

Many of you will still be aware that our E-briefing mailings have still not resumed. Unfortunately the mailing software provider - Zoodoka ceased trading and we are looking

Personalised Education Now – Membership 2009-2010

PEN Membership renewals are currently being processed. All renewals and new memberships are receiving a complimentary copy of  our partner Educational Heretics Press publication When Learning Becomes Your

Personalised Education Now Journal 10. Spring-Summer 2009 out now!

Personalised Education Now Journal 10. Spring-Summer 2009 out now! Our latest journal is out now. Distrubuted free to members Contents include: Feature article Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum

Calling Parents of Alternatively Educated / Home Educated Children

Thanks to Helen Lees for this post. When I discovered the anture of alternative and home education and its difference to mainstream education, I had a sort of moment

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