Sunday Times: Hidden surge in classroom sex attacks

Just how safe are some schools? Rather than pusrsuing home educators perhaps the government should focus its mind on the known horrors revealed here in the From The Sunday Times June 28, 2009 by David Leppard.

Hidden surge in classroom sex attacks. Police fear a link to gang culture after a rise in rapes and serious assaults in schools

The spectre of a hidden epidemic of sex crimes inside Britain’s classrooms has emerged after Scotland Yard revealed there have been nearly 900 rapes or serious sex attacks in schools.

The figures – the first of their kind produced – show that 65 victims were raped in secondary and primary schools in London in the past five years. A further 826 were the target of other sexual assaults.

Last year, the number of alleged rapes rose 60% on the previous year to 32. The statistics suggest the vast majority of victims were schoolchildren under the age of 16. As many as one in three were under 11.


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