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Personalised Education Now welcomes members, both individuals and groups, who support and promote its vision. Its membership includes educators in learning centres, home educating settings, schools, colleges and universities. Members include interested individuals and families, teachers, head teachers, advisers, inspectors and academics. PEN has extensive national and international links. Above all the issues of personalised education and learning are issues with relevance to every man, woman and child because they lie at the heart of what kind of society we wish to live in. PEN is supported by Educational Heretics Press:  – The home of radical educational thinking and writing with nearly 90 publications.

Membership Includes:

2 PEN Journals a year
 2 PEN Newsletters a year
Minimum of monthly PEN E-Briefings
 Annual Learning Exchanges (free)

E-Briefings – Blog Ezine
Sign up at

 July / August 2008
Jan 2009

Issue 10 – Spring / Summer 2009
Issue 11 – Autumn / Winter 2009/10

Learning Exchanges
24th October 2008 Chard Learning Centre, Somerset.
April 5th 2009 AGM and Learning Exchange – Loughbrough.

Join Personalised Education Now

Your membership supports:
 Ongoing research and publications
 Development of the PEN website, blog and other resources
 A diverse network of learners and educators.

If you’d like to join us the annual subscription is £25.

Send cheque made payable to the Centre for Personalised Education together with the details below:

Name individual / Group / Organisation:





You can download a membership form from

The Centre for Personalised Education Trust
Personalised Education Now
General Office
Janet Meighan, Secretary
113 Arundel Drive
Nottinghamshire, NG9 3FQ

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