Rejoin The Revolution! Paul Henderson

Paul challenges the schooling system to look at alternative education for the answers to personalised learning and assessment. In doing so he looks at best practice in music education to illustrate his argument. Rejoin The Revolution! Ideas such as progressive teaching, […]

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Creative Schools: Sir Ken Got it the Wrong Way Round in his New Book. A review and Commentary by Paul Henderson.

Paul Henderson takes a closer more rigorous look at Sir Ken Robinson's latest book... 'Good but could do better?!' Great critical review from Paul. From Life Learning Magazine

Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education

Sir Ken Robinson's latest book offering (April 2015) has been eagerly awaited and lauded Sir Ken has certainly stirred up educational debate over recent years and provided

The BIG Problem with the Scientific Analysis of Education. Paul Henderson

It is generally agreed that education policy should be informed by legitimate peer reviewed scientific research arrived at through evidence based rational thinking. There is no doubt in

A Much Better World: From fast food pedagogy to Michelin star andragogy

A Much Better World: From fast food pedagogy to Michelin star andragog. Paul Henderson Paul's latest thoughts will resonate with so many of us who have been teachers. He

The Learning Sweet Spot by Paul Henderson.

  We're delighted that Paul Henderson's writing in the CPE-PEN blog over the years has attracted attention worldwide. Our good friend Wendy Priesnitz and her Life Learning Magazine

What is successful learning? Paul Henderson.

The Learning Sweet Spot: and how to find it. Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson. Thinking aloud on Alternative Learning.

Paul challenges mainstream schooling to wake up. When Will the Sleeping Giant Wake Up? Research into alternative learning has shown us many things. It has shown us that conventional

Paul Henderson: Thinking aloud on Pedagogical Research

I really look forward to contact from Paul. He is a peripatetic music teacher and home educator. He knows and understands manistream schooling and the elective home education

Education is the new rock’n’roll – Paul Henderson

Education is the new rock’n’roll We always look forward to Paul's contributions and this certainly lives up to his thought provoking standards!   The Elephant in the room Just the other day I

Alternative Education Music

With thanks to Paul Henderson for flagging up these music links There is a new song with an alternative education slant called ‘Free Range’ which I recorded with some

A Scenario for Change?… Paul Henderson

A Scenario for Change? Thanks to Paul for another thought-provoking contribution. Given the recent attacks on Elective Home Education this is a timely perspective. Government understandings of 'suitable

Let’s get rocking!… Paul Henderson

You can always rely on Paul to make get your brain cells ticking on matters of learning and learning systems. Here he argues that our educational institutions are

Personalised Education Now Journal 9. Autumn – Winter 2008-9 out now!

Our latest journal is out now. Distrubuted free to members Contents include: Two feature articles

  • Sci – Fi Nightmare Becomes Reality – Paul    Henderson. Paul invites us to look at the

The Folly of Growth

Many thanks to Paul Henderson for the following: I'd like to draw your attention to a fascinating collection of articles in the 18th of October special issue of New

The Propagation of Learning Part 6

This is the sixth and final part of Paul Henderson's Think Piece. Part 5 is within this blog and the previous parts can be obtained from our main website and the e-briefing

The Propagation of Learning Part 5

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