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Adult skills at the crossroads: what’s in store for 2009?
16 December 2008, 2pm – 4pm
London, £99 plus VAT

Following the Queen’s speech and with the recent publication of the Pre Budget Report, LSC Grant Letter and LSC Statement of Priorities for 2009-10, what does the future hold in store for adult skills? How will provision and funding differ? As redundancy figures rise, how will the increased need for skills be met in the context of an economic downturn?

This briefing will look at adult skills for 2009 with reference to the recent financial and strategic announcements from government. Delegates will hear from Consultants Mick Fletcher and Nigel Brown and Mark Corney, Policy Adviser to the Campaign.

What will happen to 16-18 NEETs in the Recession?
19 January 2009, 10.30am – 12.30pm
London, £99 plus VAT

This policy event will ask whether 16-18 NEETs will rise in a recession ridden 2009 and what could be done to prevent it. Paul Holmes at the LSC will make a keynote presentation.

The Select Committee Report on the Leitch Review: Right or Wrong?
21 January 2009, 2pm – 4pm
London, £99 plus VAT

Before the end of the parliamentary session in December the Select Committee for Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills will be publishing it’s enquiry into the Leitch Review.

This seminar will examine the report in detail and will critically assess its recommendations for skills and training policy. We are delighted that Phil Willis MP, Chairman of the Innovation, Universities, Science and Skills Select Committee will be providing the opening presentation. Mick Fletcher, who contributed to the enquiry, will act as respondent.

For more information or to book a place on any of the Campaign’s events, contact Karla McLaren on 020 7766 0010 or Alternatively you can click on the relevant link above to visit our website.

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