Legal Advice for Educational Startups


Legal Advice for Educational Startups

In conjunction with Phoenix Educational Trust CPE are about to launch another Facebook support forum for educators and families.

This forum has been established to share advice, support and experience on legal issues relating to establishing or running an alternative educational setting.There is legal expertise within the group along with practical time earned experience of alternative practitioners and activists.

The advice is given in good faith but responsibility cannot be taken for errors and omissions. Members must take steps to verify any information they are given and to ensure it meets their own particular circumstances.

The forum is a collaboration between the Centre for Personalised Education and the Phoenix Educational Trust and aims to fill a long unfilled gap in information and support to alternative settings.

As time goes we hope to be able to generate a set of FAQs / Answers and specific Briefing sheets on various themes that arise. An e publication could follow in due course.

Clearly, the strength of the group and the advice it offers will get better as it matures.

Join the group now if you have advice to share or seek information about your own startup ideas. Activity will begin mid to late October 2018.

Legal Advice for Educational Startups

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