HR: Business must wake up to the power of informal learning

Business must wake up to the power of informal learning. Peter Crush, 01 October 2009. HR must ditch traditional training for informal leaning, said experts at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition (WOLCE).  Informal learning – where staff […]

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All good technology should be assistive – Neil Milliken

All good technology should be assistive. Comment by Neil Milliken, Head of Service and Mobile Development at iansyst. “Whenever I ask people what they understand by the term assistive

BETT Preview – IANSYST – Pan-disability website launch.

Dyslexia expert iansyst Ltd shares expertise across dyspraxia and dyscalculia with launch of pan-disability website  A leading expert in the field of dyslexia for 26 years, specialist assistive technology

Futurelab – Call for Ideas

We are seeking ideas about new ways of learning with 'meaningful', mobile or locative games: 'Meaningful games' - games that enable learners to engage with important issues such as

New York Times: Study Finds That Online Education Beats the Classroom

August 19, 2009, 1:08 pm Study Finds That Online Education Beats the Classroom By Steve Lohr A recent 93-page report on online education, conducted by SRI International for the Department of

Personalised Education Now – Membership 2009-2010 – Reminder

All renewals and new memberships are receiving a complimentary copy of  our partner Educational Heretics Press publication When Learning Becomes Your Enemy by Clive Erricker. If you

Interactive response systems – a craze or an effective classroom resource?

Editorial copywright 2009 SMART Technologies Inc. Major technological inventions have been heavily adopted in schools over the years. Initially it was the computer, followed by the projector and then the

Press release: Futurelab’s ‘Call for ideas’ on learning with games is now open

Date: 5 September - 8 October 2009 Education innovator Futurelab is calling for new ideas on learning with games. More specifically, they are seeking ideas that fit two themes: ‘Meaningful

Announcing the creation of Self Managed Learning College.

Thanks to Professor Ian Cunningham for updating us on exciting developments in self managed learning. We wish Ian and his colleagues every continuing success Self Managed Learning College is

Becta update – August 2009

Items include Award winning products in action Becta, BESA, and EMAP work as partners in the BETT Awards, which highlight exemplar digital products intended for the education marketplace. Watch the

Digital Technology: Experts split on ‘Kindle in Every Backpack’

Education experts are split after a recent proposal published by some influential members of the Democratic Party suggested the government provide ...

IALA July 2009 News Items

School Choice Expanding Worldwide by Wayne Jennings Since the early 1990s when the nation’s first charter school was opened in St. Paul, MN, the scope and availability of school-based

Edutopia News July 2009: Digital Youth Portrait – Cameron

Meet Cameron, Preteen Tech Whiz At school, at home, and on the road with his hockey team, Cameron experiments and innovates with his laptop.

Futurelab. InspirEd Newsletter July 09

InsirEd Newsletter includes News 'Young People's Geographies', a project involving students in geography curriculum-design, the launch of BFI's Future Film Club, the Digital Britain Report, e-safety resources, and details of

School of Everything – July Newsletter

The School of Everything continues to grow. Love to hear the news from them. This months e-newsletter reminded us that you can also connect with SoE via Twitter

Edutopia July 1st E-news

The digital revolution represents nirvana to some a threat to others. Reality is something in between. What can't be denied are the revolutionary changes to our lives and

PRNewswire-FirstCall: Microsoft Introduces New Ways to Help Teachers Personalize Learning at the National Educational Computing Conference 2009.

Microsoft Introduces New Ways to Help Teachers Personalize Learning at the National Educational Computing Conference 2009. WASHINGTON, June 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- This week at the National Educational Computing Conference

Press release: New Flexible Learning School (Tasmania Australia)

These examples of increasing efforts for flexibility may not be the whole story as CPE-PEN see personalisation and learning sysytem transformation but they are indicators of shifts thinking.

Futurelab: Free Vision Mapper Resource

Futurelab has just launched Vision Mapper, a free online resource that is intended to support education leaders embarking on school redesign, planning a curriculum change or just needing

Rep. Matt Wingard on Oregon’s Virtual Schools, and the OEA’s efforts to Stop Them

One of the threats to those offering choice in the educational landscape is the continuing default positions of those in power and those dominant established interests. We see this in

Press release: UniServity Announces Strategic Partnership with Microsoft

The ability of technology to connect learners, teachers, mentors and support collaboration grows at pace. If conceived and developed beyond the narrow confines of current schooling, further and higher

Press release: Social networks and Internet need to be ‘interwoven together’ – EifEL

Social networks and Internet need to be ‘interwoven together’ – EifEL by Jason Seebaruth The social networks and Internet of tomorrow will mean existing as an ‘internet of subjects’

GLEF Edutopia – Digital Youth Portrait: Olivia

Edutopia News 17th June 2009 Interesting video portrait of Olivia.   Although Without the means or easy access to the newest high tech tools, this resourceful and strong-willed

Futurelab Scenario Posters: Adult Informal Learning, Family Learning, Games and Learning

From April 2008 Futurelab started a programme of work - supported by Becta - to contribute to the 'Harnessing Technology: Next Generation Learning 2008-14' strategy launched in July

Press release: Dream Catcher project uses digital technology to connect children’s learning

The use of digital photos and video can provide young children with a powerful medium to express their voice, as well as facilitating valuable three-way interactions between a

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