Press release: New Flexible Learning School (Tasmania Australia)

These examples of increasing efforts for flexibility may not be the whole story as CPE-PEN see personalisation and learning sysytem transformation but they are indicators of shifts thinking.

Press release: New Flexible Learning School.   

David Bartlett, MP Premier and Minister for Education and Skills. Monday, 22 June 2009

Premier and Minister for Education and Skills, David Bartlett, today announced that a Flexible Learning School will be established in Tasmania.

“The school, which is as part of the State Government’s partnership with the Australian Government, will offer personalised learning that meets all learning needs, including digital and online learning,” Mr Bartlett said.

“It will cater for students who need additional learning, including highly able and gifted students, those who can’t attend school for a variety of physical, medical or geographical reasons, and students for whom regular school isn’t a viable option.

“The school will bring together existing services including Distance Education, the Online Learning Network and the Centre for Extended Learning Opportunities to deliver efficient and effective services.

“It aims to ensure a student-focussed education built around personalised programs to suit a broad range of student needs and interests.

“The Flexible Learning School is likely to be located in a Department of Education school made available through a school merger or restructure. A number of possible sites for the school will be considered.

“The facility will include staff accommodation, and spaces where groups of teachers can meet and work. The centre will also house physical resources and be able to accommodate up to 75 students on-site at a time.

“Services and courses will be provided online, using mobile devices such as handhelds, iPods and other MP3 players, by telephone, by post and in person.

“The school will offer both full time and dual enrolments where students can combine flexible learning with attendance at a primary or high school.

“All students and teachers around the state will potentially benefit from the school as work and resources will be shared with regular schools, increasing their capacity to be more flexible.

“The Flexible Learning School provides an innovative response to the growing need for more flexible and relevant education for students in Tasmania.

“This new school will help meet the State Government’s priorities of improving our literacy and numeracy rates and retaining students at school beyond year 10,” Mr Bartlett said.

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