Alan Clawley

It is with deep sadness that The Centre for Personalised Education records the passing of Alan Clawley on the 30th April 2018. Alan was a remarkable man who lived a remarkable and full life to the end.

Alan came to the Centre for Personalised Education with his partner Hazel in 2005 ‘to help us out’ for a short period. They ended up staying until March 2017, ever present and reliable, always willing to get involved and take us forward. Alan acted superbly as treasurer but was also involved in writing for our Personalised Education Now Journal, completing book reviews, coordinating and contributing to learning exchanges and conferences and famously even single handedly managed a creche at one event! Alan and Hazel had been one of the ‘first’ generation of home educators and had a wealth of experience of education and learning and life in general.

An architect, Alan kept his design interests throughout his life and was lead advocate and later author to the campaign to preserve the brutalist Birmingham Central Library. He brought his understanding of design to thinking about educational settings and the notion of school.

Deeply involved and committed in the Green Party and all matters environmental Alan and Hazel lived what they believed. Housing cooperatives, Credit Unions, sustainable transport and travel were deeply embedded in their lives. Well into older age Alan would still be having adventures ice climbing in Scandinavia or the Alps or walking long distances to the north, south , east and west from their Birmingham home. This full life was also seen in music, instrument playing and orchestral groups and a range of other varied interests.

An activist, advocate, campaigner who lived life to the max in a sustainable, gentle but highly successful way.

Alan’s funeral will take place on 22nd May in Yardley, Birmingham.

Our love and best wishes go out to Hazel and the family.



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