As part of our school mission to offer an inclusive education for all children, Weston Lullingfields CE Primary School is now offering Creative Learning Days with places for children who are educated in ways other than at mainstream schools alongside our full time children.

Who are we?
Weston Lullingfields is a very small and friendly school (currently with 33 children), set in the beautiful North Shropshire countryside. We have had a year on year improvement in the progress and attainment in literacy and maths. More importantly, our motto is “Small School, Big Family”, and we pride ourselves on the individualised care and learning we offer all our children. One of our newest recruits, who joined us after several unhappy years in their previous school, described us as having ‘changed her life’ in her end of year 6 speech. It’s been wonderful watching her blossom into a confident, brave and happy young lady.

And that is what we want to do – give children a reason to love learning, the confidence to make friends and challenge themselves, and, ultimately, prepare them for their next steps in life – wherever they might lead. As part of that mission, we are holding creative learning days to give the children a chance to come away from the normal curriculum and experience something they might not get a chance to do otherwise.

The Creative Learning days
Our first Creative Learning Day is an arts day to be held on 24th September 2015 – the theme will be ‘The Time before the Romans’. Our objective is to understand a little about how people were reliant on natural resources … we are going to perform exciting rhythms with percussion instruments made from natural objects, we going to make paints with things we can find in our grounds, we are going to make a bonfire and make nettle tea, and we’re going to make clay finger and coil pots. We are going to encourage as many families to get involved as well, and we will end the day with an exhibition of our projects and a performance of our drumming.

An Invitation
We would like to invite children aged 5 – 11yrs who are currently educated in different ways. We can offer a day of exciting and interesting activities working in small groups under the supervision of our teachers and support staff. We want to encourage parents and families to get involved too, and would welcome them to stay and join in. We would welcome a donation to help cover the cost of staffing and resources.

We have only limited places as we want to keep the ‘small school’ feel that we feel is so important for the children, so please register your interest as soon as possible by emailing us at head@westonlullingfields.shropshire.sch.uk (sorry, it’s a bit of a mouthful!) with your contact details and the names and ages of the children who would like to attend.

We are considering extending our school provision through offering a flexi-schooling option for children who would like to give a small, friendly school a try on a part time basis. We would support parents with their children’s home learning if they so wish, and give the children a chance to develop their confidence and social skills in a supportive environment. Please email me at head@westonlullingfields.shropshire.sch.uk if you would be interested in this kind of schooling for your child.

Judi Clarke

Head Teacher, Weston Lullingfields CE Primary School

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