Edith King: Teaching in an Era of Terrorism

 Good to get contact from our dear friend Edith King recently. Edith’s recent book on Teaching in an Era of Teerroism is immediately brought to mind  with the sad events in the The Boston Marathon bombing and other daily tragedies around the world

Teaching in an Era of Terrorism

Fourth Edition

By Edith W. King

 Against the backdrop of omnipresent terror and the threats of world-shattering warfare as well as epic natural disasters, it is vital that schools and teachers work with students towards tolerance, social justice, and conflict resolution.  This fourth edition is thoroughly updated with references to current events, including most recent natural disasters and terrorist acts. The book continues to offer a worldview for educating children growing up in a climate of worldwide terrorism and uncertainty.  This book will be of great interest to experienced teachers, teachers in pre-service training, administrators, counselors and social workers. This book will enable them to be more effective in working with children and their families.

Available from Amazon:Kindle Books, US $7.95, UK £6


Special Features of this Book:

● use of sociological concepts and theories as applied to education and schools

● teaching and the impact of terrorism and warfare

● social class inequalities that are increased due to terrorism

● children in immigrant families and in homeless conditions

● bullying and homophobia as forms of terrorism

high stakes testing as forms of terrorism

● mass shootings affecting elementary schools –Sandy Hook

● peace education as a strategy to combat these problems

●suggestions for the Worldminded classroom

 Edith W. King is an educational sociologist and American Sociological Association emeritas professor. King has written extensively on diversity and gender education, international and cross-cultural education, and qualitative research in global perspectives.  Among her many books is the recent Encounters with Social Thought (Amazon:Kindle 2012) and Social Thought on Education (Amazon:Kindle 2011).  Edith King serves on the advisory board of numerous professional journals and educational publications and is the chairperson of the Worldmindedness Institute.

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