CPE-PEN Special Journal 14 – Edmond Holmes

We’ve just sent our latest Journal – A special edition focusing on Edmond Holmes to the printers. We’re looking to circulate to members during June (free to members as usual). The contents include the following…


p.1:          Title and picture page

pp.2-4:     Edmond Holmes (1850-1936): A Man for Today  –  Michael Foot

pp.4-6:     The Breadth of Edmond Holmes – Dr Peter Cunningham

pp.6-7      Edmond Holmes and Pink Floyd, Winston Churchill, John Holt and Others – Dr Roland Meighan

p.8:          The Whistleblowers: Edmond Holmes – Chris Shute

p.9:          The problem of treating young people as children – the Caterpillar to Butterfly Fallacy – Dr Ian Cunningham

p.10:        Book Review:  Edmond Holmes and ‘The Tragedy of Education’ (1998) – Josh Gifford

We’re having a longer print run than usual to cover demand from the wider network. If you’d like a copy it will cost £5 (include postage and packing to UK,  enquire re overseas) please contact Janet Meighan

The Centre for Personalised Education Trust. Personalised Education Now. General Office: Janet Meighan, Secretary, 113 Arundel Drive Bramcote, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG9 3FQ. E: edheretics@gn.apc.org


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