Chris Shute 1941-2012

 It is with deep sadness that trustees of CPE-PEN record the passing of our dear friend and colleague Chris Shute on the 9th December 2012. Over recent years Chris struggled with a range of health issues and these accelerated rapidly, particularly, […]

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Chris Shute – What’s the use of homework?

 What’s the use of Homework?2  Chris may be less mobile than he used to be but nothing has stopped the flow of his thoughts and ideas.

Education in the Gaps between Lessons

Another 'Fireship' from our very own Chris Shute! One of the prime paradoxes of education is that a most important part of anyone’s education takes place at

Book Review: After Summerhill

After Summerhill

By Hussein Lucas (Herbert Adler Publications)


Chris Shute: Lysdexia Rlues K.O.

We can always rely on Chris to get us thinking!  I’m dyslexic, not in English but in Hebrew. I know all the letters in both the printed and cursive

CPE-PEN Special Journal 14 – Edmond Holmes

We've just sent our latest Journal - A special edition focusing on Edmond Holmes to the printers. We're looking to circulate to members during June (free to members

The English and their Aversion to Foreign Languages. Chris Shute.

The English and their Aversion to Foreign Languages I have been a teacher of Modern Languages for most of my adult life. During that time I have

Questions of Justice. Chris shute

Thanks for Chris for another 'Fireship'. Chris has really become even more prolific with his writing over the last 12 months. Always readable, always something to take from

Corporal Punishment – A Major Mistake. Chris Shute

Corporal Punishment – A Major Mistake We can always rely on Chris to get to the core  of an issue. Here Chris takes a look at corporal

Towards an Understanding of the Spirituality of Childhood – Chris Shute

Towards an Understanding of the Spirituality of Childhood I have been a Christian involved with the School Industry long enough to have seen a large variety of

Book Review: The Science of ADHD…

The Science of ADHD – a guide for Parents and Professionals By Chris Chandler I remember my first encounter with a person who suffered from a known case of

Chris Shute – Respect is Due

We can always rely on Chris for clear thinking. Here he looks at the concept of respect in relation to children and young people. Respect is Due What


LibEd Bulletin ESCAPING EDUCATION -Gustavo Esteva A sample article from Turning Points, a book published earlier this year in the USA, which is anthology of responses to

The Culture of Assessment and its Alternatives – Chris Shute

Chris Shute was prompted after reading John Taylor Gatto to hold forth on assessment. He does so in his own inimitable and readable style. This extended article will

Book Review: Latest from Chris Shute and Educational Heretics Press. Joy Baker: trailblazer for home-based education and personalised learning.

Educational Heretics Press 88th publication is NOW AVAILABLE Joy Baker: trailblazer for home-based education and personalised learning by Chris Shute. ISBN 978

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