CfL: Training for Schools.A creative curriculum for collaborative learning

25 May 2011, 10am – 4.30pm
Campaign for Learning, London
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Delivering the essential knowledge and skills in a way that inspires creativity and motivation is ever more important as the curriculum changes. This workshop will give you practical examples of how to deliver your curriculum in ways that inspire creativity and risk taking – for students and teachers.

 Benefits of attending:

  • Raise achievement and motivation in staff and students through an engaging curriculum that connects the learning.
  • Find out how a creative curriculum can develop personal and thinking skills essential for high achievement
  • Explore how to assess progress in project work
  • Facilitate good progress in subject disciplines in a creative curriculum
  • Take home a range of resources to help develop your creative curriculum


  • Why we need to develop a creative, collaborative curriculum
  • Latest neuroscience and its links to a creative curriculum
  • Planning ‘outstanding’ lessons for your creative curriculum
  • Create and share some exciting projects to take back to school and use
  • Action planning with ten practical tips

Speaker: Jackie Beere

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Contact Katie Bloom 020 7766 0010 

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