Futurelab Newsletter Items 25.02.2011

About Explore

Explorer toolkits are sets of activities that support teachers and learners in exploring co-development projects. The toolkits are flexible and adaptable by teachers in different contexts; structured to support teachers of varying ability and confidence, and practical to ensure teachers can build easily from Futurelab’s research and development. They are each a useful, stand alone resource, but can build to create a coherent set of Explorer resources.

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Futurelab Hubs
Futurelab believe all young people should benefit from a rich, futures oriented and technologically enabled education. As a result Futurelab aims to extend the impact of its work by developing a network of Futurelab Hub schools. Accredited Futurelab schools will demonstrate a commitment and excellence to providing creative learning fit for life and work in the 21st century. They will assist in spreading excellent practice and support to other schools in their region.

We are seeking to partner with a group of entrepreneurial schools, academies, federations or colleges and a maximum of one in any given English Local Authority area. The first group of schools has been identified and are based in Cheshire, Cumbria, London and West Midlands.

If you would like to discuss the potential for your school to become a Futurelab Hub then please email gareth.wynne@futurelab.org.uk.

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