AERO E-NEWS: 14 DEC 2010

 RSVP to the 8th annual AERO conference,”Transforming Education & Our World,” on Facebook:  Registration is now open!


1) Celebrate People’s History! & 10 New Clearance Items (NEW BOOK)

2) Become an AERO Member School! (Opportunity)

3) AERO’s 2010 Holiday Sale Continues (SALE)

4) Call for Proposals: “Transforming Education & Our World,” the 8th Annual AERO Conference (EVENT)

5) AERO Conference: Marketing and Fundraising 101 (VIDEO)

6) Creating Learning Environments with Children In Mind: An Essential Conversation (EVENT)

7) Guide to Social Change Led By and With Young People (RESOURCE)

8) Free Webinar: Pat Farenga: President of Holt Associates Inc. (EVENT)

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