CSCY Global Childhood Studies Network of Researchers

CSCY Global Childhood Studies Network of Researchers

It may interest you to know that in 2009 the Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth at the University of Sheffield established a network of global

childhood studies researchers. The aim of the network is to explore ways of expanding childhood studies beyond Western Europe and North America, both conceptually and methodologically in order to ensure that the priorities and perspectives of childhood studies researchers focusing on the global south are taken into account in existing paradigms of childhood studies.

One component of this network is the establishment of a mailing list which seeks to facilitate networking and collaboration amongst global childhood

studies researchers. The mailing list will enable participants to share information about events and publications, explore opportunities for

collaboration in research and other projects, highlight their research achievements,  share recent research findings, seek advice from others and

engage in discussion on topics that are current in childhood studies, especially within a global context with likeminded people.

Posts made to this mailing list will normally be sent to members on a weekly basis by the moderator. However, exceptions will be made.

To subscribe to the mailing list visit its homepage:

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Afua Twum-Danso, the list moderator (
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