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Oxfordshire, 23 – 27 July 2010

Join people from across the broad spectrum of the British peace movement for five days of exploration, celebration and empowerment!

This year’s themes this years themes include: feminism and peace; sharing our skills; challenging the military; engaging with other movements; radicalising our lives; and debating nonviolence (see below for more info).

Over 40 workshops, including:

> ‘What Can People Do, Where They Live, to Change the World?’ – Haringey Solidarity Group (
> ‘After the NPT: What Now for Anti-Nuclear Campaigners?’ – Kate Hudson (, Tim Street ( and George Farebrother (
> A debate on nuclear power with CND Chair Kate Hudson ( and former Greenpeace director Stephen Tindale (
> ‘Gender Perspectives on Violence’ – Cynthia Cockburn (
> Protest Camps – Ippy D (
> Drone Wars – Chris Cole (
> ‘Arms and Arguments’ and ‘Researching the Arms Industry’ – Notts Anti-militarism ( and Corporate Watch (
> ‘Chomsky’s Priority: Mass Media and the Anti-war Movement’ with Milan Rai (
> ‘Profiteering in Palestine’ – Corporate Watch (
> ‘How can we stop the war in Afghanistan?’ – Gabriel Carlyle (
> ‘What the Army doesn’t tell you’ – Forces Watch (
> ‘Militarisation of the Borders’ – No Borders (
> Radical Climate Activism – Thames Valley Climate Action (
> DIY power – V3Power (
> ‘Can we eat ourselves to a better world?’ – Veggies (
> Libertarian Education – David Gribble, author ‘Children Don’t Start Wars’ (
> Community Economics – Marsh Farm Project (
> Participatory Economics – Mark Evans, Project for a Participatory Society UK (
> ‘Class Matters: Class, Peace and Conversion’ – Milan Rai (
> ‘Lessons from the Animal Rights Movement’
> Protest in Song – Penny Stone
> Rebel Clowning – Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) (
> Public Speaking – Rhizome (
> Nonviolent direct action – Seeds for Change (
> Nonviolence in Kosovo – Howard Clark (
> ‘If You Met Gandhi on the Road: Dismantling the Icon’ – Milan Rai (

Plus: Samba, play-readings, poetry, camp-fires, good company and much, much more!

The Camp will be located in a lovely field belonging to farmer Adam Twine at Westmill Farm, Watchfield. The farm is on the B4508. It is about 5 miles outside of Faringdon and about 8 miles from Swindon, SN6 8TH . See map for the location of the farm.

The Camp costs £15 – £60 depending on income. Food (3 meals a day and drinks) will cost £6 – £10 a day for adults, depending on income. Payment can be made by cheque, online or by phone. More info at BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY:


Peace News Summer Camp is an inclusive, democratically-run five-day experience-in-miniature of the kind of world we are trying to bring about. Bring your own contribution to a space that bridges the usual divisions in our movements and our society, where we pay as much attention to how we bring about change as to the changes that are so desperately needed. This year, feminism joins our standing themes of peace and justice.

We will be learning from other movements, struggling with challenging issues, creating greater cohesion in a segmented peace movement and debating nonviolence. Workshops will range from theoretical discussions to practical planning for actions later in the year. There will be over fifty years of activist experience at the camp, along with fresh faces.

Fed by local organic fruit and veg (lovingly cooked by the wonderful Veggies of Nottingham), we’re camping in a family-friendly and renewably-powered way from 23-27 July near Faringdon, Oxfordshire, to make the world a better place.


> Feminism and Peace*
Gender perspectives on violence, nonviolence and activism

*> Building our Skills, Sharing our Skills*
Nonviolent direct action training, consensus decision making, building a strategy, working in affinity groups, public speaking skills, radical music and more.

*> Challenging the Military*
Let’s get the military out of our lives and out of other peoples’ countries
> Engaging with other Movements and Struggles*
What can we learn from other like-minded campaigns such as radical climate activism, animal rights, student activism and European peace campaigns

*> Radicalising our lives*
Food, education, power production and more
> Debating Nonviolence*
How can we take effective action?


Some quotes from last year’s campers:

“The fascinating and engaging discussions, debates and conversations that seemed to be taking place all the time all over the camp. Fantastic networking amongst groups and individuals.”

“Camaraderie, challenge, ideas, stimulation, re-energising, contacts, space for input and importing information, wood collecting, tree climbing, tripod, all ages, relaxed feeling, lovely food, fire.”

“The spirit of the occasion. Also the chance to discuss in depth issues we have been campaigning for/support and of course meeting folk and getting to learn new ideas and about ‘them’ as people.”

“Discussions, relationships, people, depth of thought. LOVED IT!”


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