Press release: Wyse Introduces Innovative Computing Concepts for Digital Inclusion with “12 Volt Car Battery-Powered” Thin Client and “Cloud-Connected Classroom on a Bus” for Remote Communities in Africa

Wyse Introduces Innovative Computing Concepts for Digital Inclusion with “12 Volt Car Battery-Powered” Thin Client and “Cloud-Connected Classroom on a Bus” for Remote Communities in Africa
Wyse Demonstrates Ultra-low Cost and Green Cloud Client Computing Solutions for Schools in Developing Countries at the e-Learning Africa Education Show in Zambia
LUSAKA, ZAMBIA – May 27, 2010 – Wyse Technology, the inventor and global leader in cloud client computing, today demonstrates innovative new applications with its ultra-low energy and cost thin and zero clients at eLearning Africa, the leading pan-African eLearning and distance education networking conference. Using its market leading thin client platforms, powered with a 12 volt car battery, and 12 volt display monitor, Wyse demonstrates a game-changing solution for citizens, especially students, in remote communities where electricity is not reliable, and in many cases not available.
“It is important to remember that the electricity supply which we take for granted across the developed world is a tough to get, real logistical challenge in many areas of Africa’s developing nations,” said Arno’t van Heerden, GM for Africa, at Wyse Technology. “And without an electricity supply, access to life-transforming technology (no matter how cheap or advanced) is denied.”
The technology demonstrated can be easily linked to solar panels, which together with a battery, provides a sustainable power source. Africa’s extensive GSM network coverage then provides Internet connectivity.
Applications for the technology include:
– providing early access to ICT for students in remote schools
– health training aids for mobile healthcare clinics
– an information source for communities reliant on trade and local markets
– an affordable computer power backup in areas with unreliable power supply
“Wyse has always innovated,” added van Heerden, “and what we are showing in Africa today is that many of the technologies we develop for global markets can be adapted for all international environments.”
Wyse is also showing other innovative ICT solutions at eLearning Africa with its partners. This includes a cloud-connected classroom on a bus which, through local partners, has been deployed to many communities across Africa. This project will reach thousands of schools in remote communities. The cloud-connected classroom on a bus is part of the largest cloud client computing-centric ICT deployment in Africa. The project involves cloud computing technologies to provide a fully Internet-connected zero client solution, with zero security, management, and on-site support requirements. A bus which is used in support of this project, equipped as a mobile classroom with satellite Internet access, is also onsite at the conference.
About Wyse Technology
Wyse Technology is the inventor and global leader in cloud client computing, leveraging its industry-leading thin and zero client computing-based desktop virtualization software, hardware and services. Cloud Client Computing is the ultimate client computing solution for our time. It replaces the outdated computing model of the unsecure, unreliable, un-green and expensive PC.  It delivers the security, reliability, user experience with the lowest energy usage and total cost of ownership.  It simply connects all the dots: Thin and zero client computing, unified communications, desktop virtualization and the web for users to reach the clouds – in a private, public, government or hybrid cloud. It is software. It is hardware. It is services. It is in business.  It is at home. It is on the go.  It is freedom – so users can focus on what is important. Wyse partners with industry-leading IT vendors, including, Cisco, Citrix, CSC, IBM, Microsoft, and VMware. Wyse also partners with globally-recognized distribution and service partners along with its award-winning partner programs to service any customer, anywhere and anytime, in the world.  Wyse is headquartered in San Jose, California, U.S.A., with offices worldwide.
For more information, visit the Wyse website at or call 1-800-GET-WYSE.
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