New handbooks on home-school relationships and digital participation available from Futurelab

New handbooks on home-school relationships and digital participation available from Futurelab

Futurelab is preparing to publish the conclusions of its latest research into home-school relationships and digital participation. We are offering you the opportunity to pre-order FREE copies to be sent to you as soon as they are available.

The developing the home-school relationship using digital technologies handbook seeks to understand the needs and aspirations of teachers, parents and children for effective relationships between home and school. It also looks at how the use of digital technologies may affect home-school relationships.

Research into parental engagement and home-school relationships has so far focused on the relationship between parents and schools, but children themselves play an active role in mediating between the two. Children therefore need to be considered as the heart of any strategy to support home-school relationships and parents’ engagement in children’s learning.

To view the publication online and request a FREE copy, please visit or email
Digital literacy across the curriculum is a handbook is aimed at teachers and school leaders in both primary and secondary schools who are interested in creative and critical uses of technology in the classroom. There is still relatively little information about how to use technology in the classroom and even less guidance on how teachers might combine a commitment to digital literacy with the needs of their own subject teaching.

The handbook aims to redress the balance by providing a rationale, some possible strategies and some practical examples for schools to draw on. It also looks at issues related to continuing professional development for teachers and the ways in which digital literacy can support whole-school initiatives.

The handbook is supported by Digital literacy in practice, a set of digital literacy case studies from both primary and secondary schools. They are an account of real activities that were carried out by teachers starting the process of integrating digital literacy into their students everyday lives.

For more information on the project and to view the publication online, please visit our website at To request a FREE copy when available, please email
If you would like to order multiple copies for distribution to a network or event, please email with the number of copies required and the date by which you would need them.

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