Futurelab Research Insights Day

Futurelab is holding a research insights day featuring findings from Futurelab’s current research, and offering the opportunity to consider the wider implications for education and learning. The day will feature a mixture of presentations and sessions on the  following themes:

Creativity in European Schools – What expert perspectives in the EU27 tell us about contexts for, practices of and barriers to creativity and innovation in curricula, schools and teacher training.

Digital participation – Exploring digital literacy and how to foster it across the curriculum.

Home-school relationships – Exploring the connections and overlaps between children’s learning at home and learning at school.

Transformative learning spaces – Discussing the challenges, the opportunities and the unrealistic expectations of ‘transformative’ design.

Greater expectations – Exploring how digital technologies can support young people to engage with their rights and entitlements resulting in a free to use Web resource for young people: ‘Infocow’.

Gaming in families – Exploring family engagement with this media.

There will also be an opportunity to learn more about some new free resources from Futurelab, including an online one-stop shop for innovation aimed at the education community and an online website that supports young people to make positive changes in their life.

There is a fee for attending this event of £70 per person (early bird rate of £60 available until 24th March) and this will include lunch and refreshments.

For further information e-mail: events@futurelab.org.uk or to book go to forms.futurelab.org.uk/booking

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