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A joint publication between CABE, Futurelab and Portsmouth City Council, ‘Thinking Space’ is a FREE workshop resource aiming to support people involved with redesign and rebuild projects, such as Building Schools for the Future (BSF) and the Primary Capital Programmes (PCP).  It provides ideas for workshop sessions which can help those in preparing for the visioning and pre-engagement phases.

The resource comprises of materials for two workshops; one aimed at staff to support critical and creative thinking about the future of education and the implications on future educational spaces; the other to be undertaken with pupils as part of a wider commitment to actively engage and involve them in the redesign process.

‘Thinking Space’ was developed by CABE, Futurelab and Portsmouth City Council, as part of their wider commitment to sharing resources information on learning space redesign programmes. The full resource is available to download for FREE from the Vision Mapper website at www.visionmapper.org.uk/resource/schoolredesignpack.php#space.

Vision Mapper

www.visionmapper.org.uk is a free web resource designed to help examine the future of education beyond 2025. The resources provided are designed to support education leadership, including headteachers, department heads, local authorities and school redesign consortia to approach long-term planning and decision making with an informed view of the future.

Make the Future

Another source of  inspiration for futures thinking is the new video, entitled ‘Make the Future’, which looks at ideas drawn from research commissioned under the Beyond Current Horizons (BCH) programme. BCH considered futures for education in the light of social and technological change over the next two decades. The video aims to inspire education leaders to think differently about the future of education and to consider the challenges and possibilities for 21st century schools.
The video is available to watch at www.futurelab.org.uk/resources/multimedia/video/Video1589 .


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