‘Rethinking Youth Cultures in the Age of Global Media’

The fourth seminar in our ongoing ESRC-funded series ‘Rethinking Youth Cultures in the Age of Global Media’ will be held at the Open University in Milton Keynes on Thursday 18th February, from 11.00 – 5.00.

The seminar will be in two parts:

Session 1: New directions in youth culture research. (11-1pm)

This session will explore cutting edge research by new scholars in the field. It will include presentations from recently (or almost) completed PhD students about their youth culture work and how they are taking the field forwards. It will also include a ‘workshop’ element for current PhD students to share and discuss approaches with other students and to engage with some experienced researchers.

If you are a PhD student working in this area and would like to attend (and /or present at) this session, we would like you to send a one-page outline of your work to be circulated in advance. Please contact Mary Jane Kehily (m.j.kehily@open.ac.uk) and Sara Bragg (s.g.bragg@open.ac.uk) for further details.

If you supervise students who might be interested in attending, please forward this email to them and ask them to contact Mary Jane and Sara too.

Session 2: Youth as a consumer market (1.45-5pm)

This session will bring together academics and market researchers to focus on the issue of youth as consumers. It will consider the changing ways in which youth are conceptualised as a consumer market, both in marketing practice and in market research, discuss phenomena such as branding, promotion and social media, and consider the globalised strategies of media companies. Speakers will include Dr. Barbie Clarke of Family, Kids and Youth and DK of Media Snackers, with a response by Dr. Liz McFall of the OU.

Places are limited! If you intend to come, please reply to youthculture@ioe.ac.uk as soon as possible Further details and a programme will follow in due course.

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David Buckingham, Institute of Education
Sara Bragg and Mary Jane Kehily, Open University

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