CfL Learning to Learn Conference

Learning to Learn: the voice of the learner 10 December 2009, 10am – 3pm (refreshments from 9.30am) The Beehive Research Centre, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NE1 7RU £150 plus VAT This conference will examine the issues for learning and teaching […]

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Research Study Shows Home-Educated Become Model Citizens

With thanks to Peter van Zuidam for this link. Study Shows Home-Educated Become Model Citizens A new study released today by the Canadian Centre for Home Education reveals that

IALA News 02.12.2009

The latest issue of the International Association for Learning Alternatives Newsletter at contains items on how technology may revolutionize education with some astonishing findings, shows specific

Campaign for Learning Events

 The Campaign for Learning are holding two policy events on the 12 January to look at two of the Conservative Party's proposals for FE. Giving Real Choice to 14

EO Campaign website updates to 17 Dec 2009

16.12.2009 A new article entitled Does Select Committee Support the Vast Majority of the Badman Recommendations has been posted on the EO Campaign website, 16.12.2009 A new article entitled Press

AERO: Education Revolution E-Newsletter 07.12.2009

Encouraging news with AEROs Campaign... Survival Campaign: Almost There! The AERO Survival Fund Campaign is getting close to its goal. We have $1,418 more to go this week to match


With thanks to Paul Henderson for this Quiz time! Spot the replacement words in these corrupted quotes – bonus points if you can deduce what the original words were. “Learning

John Abbott – The Cambridge Primary Review: an incomplete diagnosis weakens the case for change

The Cambridge Primary Review:  an incomplete diagnosis weakens the case for change. I was away in Washington for my son’s wedding when The Cambridge Primary Review was published.  It

? The value of education

If you weren't already depressed over the calibre of educational debate then look no further than the news stories and political reaction to the latest reports from the

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