AERO: Education Revolution E-Newsletter 07.12.2009

Encouraging news with AEROs Campaign…

Survival Campaign: Almost There!
The AERO Survival Fund Campaign is getting close to its goal. We have $1,418 more to go this week to match the $5000 that was offered to us. This would bring us to our $20,000 goal. Along with income from our online bookstore and other sources this should be enough to keep AERO going with its current services for a few more months. The online courses, conference planning, Education Revolution Magazine, listserves, online databases, consultations, free e newsletter, website updates and direct support for existing alternatives will be able to continue. By that time we hope to have some major grants to support our work. Please, if you appreciate AERO’s services, contribute this week to the AERO Survival Fund Campaign.

Donate today and check our progress at:

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