OPEN LECTURE: 6th annual Allan Levy Memorial Lecture

Institute of Education, University of London. 20 Bedford Way, London WC1H OAL. ROOM 801
Thursday, 26th November 2009, 5:30—7pm

Home education: rights, childhood and policy-making

Daniel Monk, Senior Lecturer in Law, Birkbeck College, University of London

Daniel writes on a wide range of issues relating to children, education and the law. His work engages critically with discourses of ‘children’s rights’, and attempts to create a dialogue between ‘child law’ and the ‘sociology of childhood’. His publications include: The Family, Law and Society (with Baroness Hale of Richmond, Judge David Pearl and Professor Elizabeth Cooke), 2009; and Feminist Perspectives on Child Law (co-edited with Jo Bridgeman), 2000.


The lecture is linked to the Institute of Education’s MA Sociology of Childhood and Children’s Rights  and the module ‘Theories of Childhood and Children’s Rights’. For details see

No need to book a place, but if you have any queries, please contact Katherine Tyler,

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