From Antidote’s E-News 23.09.09. Taking the Long View.

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If schools are to contribute to increased social mobility, they need to be held accountable for students’ achievement outcomes once they leave school, according to a report on social mobility chaired by Alan Milburn MP. This could be done through through ‘destination trackers’.

Releasing the ‘pent up’ aspiration among children and young people requires schools to focus on the social skills that employers need. ‘The evidence we have received,’ the report says, ‘is that too much emphasis is being placed on qualifications.’

The report also argues that there is a need to ‘change how power is distributed in our society’ so that people ‘enjoy greater control’ and ‘have a bigger say in how they live their lives.’

Unleashing aspiration: the final report of the panel on fair access to the professions  can be downloaded here

Now this could lead to some interesting developments. Could we ever shift the governments view to a long term (and joined up) perspective? What if learner’s aspirations led learning pathways, what if age – stage was dismantled, what if  contribution to society, physical and mental health, happiness, active citizenship and sustainable lifestyle were valued to the extent that tick boxes are now?

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