Personalised Education Now – Membership 2009-2010 – Reminder

All renewals and new memberships are receiving a complimentary copy of  our partner Educational Heretics Press publication When Learning Becomes Your Enemy by Clive Erricker.

If you have not already joined us why not consider this subscription year

Membership Includes:
     2 PEN Journals a year
     2 PEN Newsletters a year
    PEN E-Briefings (PEN Blog)
    Annual Learning Exchanges (minimum 1 usually 2-3 free!)
    The support of a diverse network of learners and educators.

Your membership supports:
   – Generating ideas, analysis and critique and envisioning the Personalised Educational Landscape as a think tank
   – Supporting practitioners, individuals, groups and organizations developing the personalised agendas
   – Bringing members and groups together at learning exchanges and national conferences
   – Publishing newsletters, journals and via Educational Heretics Press … books
   – Research
   – Networking with other groups and projects
   – Influencing the national and international debate on the future of education, schooling and learning
   – Influencing the research agendas

Our agenda is to define and share the benefits of personalised education and learning, challenge the limited prevailing views and to envision a new Personalised Educational Landscape and its wider benefits to re-integrating learning, life and community. We engage in.
Subscription: £25 (£12 unwaged)

Send cheque made payable to the Centre for Personalised Education together with the details below:

Name individual / Group / Organisation:

The Centre for Personalised Education Trust
Personalised Education Now
General Office
Janet Meighan, Secretary
113 Arundel Drive
Bramcote, Nottingham
Nottinghamshire, NG9 3FQ

Contact Janet for details of payment by Standing Order and of Gift Aid contributions.

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