Press release: WIDGIT learning platform plug-ins help the one in seven youngsters who do not speak English at home.



Widgit Symbols appear when pupils point mouse at difficult words

Recent reports highlighted a London school where 64 different languages are spoken and four out of five children do not have English as their ‘home language’.

    Across the UK one in seven youngsters does not speak English at home and Widgit Software has launched two new products which provide them with visual prompts that make information on school websites more accessible. Widgit’s innovative plug-ins – ‘Point’ and ‘Insite’ – use Widgit Symbols to illustrate the meaning of individual words from a wide range of topics and curricular areas. The plug-ins make it easier and more enjoyable for all pupils to read the information presented on learning platforms – while helping teachers who may have a range of different nationalities in their classes.

    With the new ‘Point’ plug-in pupils use their mouse to simply and discreetly point to a word on the intranet they find difficult – and a Widgit Symbol will appear as a visual prompt to help them understand it.

    Developed over the last 20 years, Widgit Symbols are used across the world.  Clean, concise and suitable for all ages they have been carefully designed to illustrate a single concept without adding unnecessary information. There are more than 7,000 images covering a vocabulary which is continually being extended and is already in excess of 40,000 words. 

    ‘Insite’ is the Widgit content editor which allows webmasters to choose every word for which they would like to make a corresponding Widgit Symbol available.

    Simon Mead, Widgit’s chief executive officer, says: “When schools are asking software manufacturers to create virtual learning environments they can request the Point and Insite plug-ins to ensure inclusion, help teachers and enhance the learning experience for pupils who may have difficulties understanding the English language.”

    For further information about Widgit Software and to take a look at the Widgit Symbols visit

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