‘Creating a Movement: the struggle for Inclusive Education in the UK 1990 – 2006’ DVD

The videos on this DVD are also about political activism from direct action to the slippery process of legislation. They are of interest to everyone involved in or who might think about social change. The direct action featured is one of the few published video records of the many actions organised and led by DAN, the Disability Action Network. The demo and subsequent sit-in is co-led by the young people’s group, Young and Powerful, featuring Lucy Mason.
In the government consultation video people with disabiliites speak-up about their experience of being segregated into special schools and is a remarkable document for that reason alone. But it also shows how government officers will tend to wriggle out of the truly progressive implications of democratically won legislative reforms.
Finally there is an interview with a key leader of the movement, Micheline Mason. Micheline is well-known in the field for her talks but this interview by Tara Flood should make her thinking more widely available and is of interest to anyone involved in organising for social change.

DVD contents
1. Prologue short introduction by Micheline Mason and Tara Flood 5 mins
2. Demo and Occupation of the DfES 1998 19 mins
3. DfES Consultation 2003 23 mins
4. Micheline interviewed by Tara 2008 28 mins
This DVD will be for sale to libraries and individuals from ALLfIE for £7.
Review copies and still images are available from Stefan Szczelkun.
Email: szczels@wmin.ac.uk
020 7911 5000 x 2310
07958 327 588
or from ALLfIE
Phone: 0207 735 5277
Fax: 0207 735 3828
Email: info@allfie.org.uk

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