Three Futurelab reports available on digital inclusion and innovative teaching

Learner engagement

This report provides educators working within primary, secondary, further and higher education with a guide to how learner voice is currently being used to shape policy and practice in education. Case studies have been chosen to illustrate the potential impact learner voice can make across the UK’s education sectors.

To download a free copy go to:

Enquiring Minds

The Enquiring Minds programme revealed that students working in partnership with their teachers and playing a part in designing their own curriculum are more confident, engaged and positive about school. Published this week, the Year 3 report, ‘Schools, Knowledge and Educational Change’, draws upon the detailed study of two schools implementing the programme. Providing an insight into the challenges, obstacles and opportunities experienced by the schools running the programme, the research is a valuable accompaniment to the practical guidebook which enables teachers to implement Enquiring Minds in their own schools.

A free copy of the report can be downloaded from:

Supporting ALL learners

The best way to ensure that learners from all sectors of society have real access, without barriers, to a technology-enhanced education is to involve them in the design of educational technologies, suggests a new report from education innovator Futurelab. The report, ‘Designing for Social Justice: People, Technology, Learning’, raises fundamental questions about who is best placed to make decisions in the design process and questions whether current technologies for learning are meeting the needs of all learners.

The full report can be downloaded for free from:

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