Press Release: Credit crunch – to hit degree marks.

NUS survey shows half of working students are doing so to meet basic cost of living, with many admitting their studies are suffering

46% of students who work during term time are forced to do so because their basic living costs exceed their loans, according to a survey conducted for the National Union of Students (NUS).

The survey, funded by HSBC, also found that 45% of working students admit that this work is having a negative impact on their studies. A third of them are working more than 17 hours a week during term time, and 3% work more than 33 hours.

NUS Vice President for Higher Education, Aaron Porter, said:

“It is clear from this report that financial support is inadequate for many students. With a recession looming and basic living costs set to rise, this situation is going to get even worse.

“Only a few months ago, the first Student Price Index found that inflation is effectively 50% higher for students than for the rest of society – many of them will have to work longer and longer hours just to get by.

“It is particularly worrying that nearly half of those students who work during term time admit that their studies are being adversely affected. NUS would like universities to recognise that many of their students have to work to top up their income, and to make suitable allowances in order to enable them to manage their workload more effectively.”

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