School of Everything: July 2008 News

News items for July

What do you want to learn? Now you can tell the world what you want to learn. School of Everything just launched personal profiles:

Everything wins! School of Everything was delighted and honoured to win a New Statesman New Media Award, in the Inform and Educate category earlier this month:

The five-minute teach. What could you teach in five minutes? School of Everything has been experimenting:

Tell us a story. Has School of Everything helped you? We’d like to hear your stories about what you’ve been doing with the tools we’re building. Send your Tales of Everything to

Teachers of the month

Sasha Mäkilä sees expert music teaching as a two-way commitment between teacher and student:

Jenny Alexander wants everyone to find their own writing inspiration:

Charles Hindmarsh can teach you how to play the saw – and crack endless jokes about it:

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