16th Annual International Democratic Education Conference 11-18 August

16th Annual International Democratic Education Conference (Vancouver, Canada)

IDEC 2008 “Experience democracy:  live it,  learn it,  share it!”

Imagine young people growing up with a deep sense of meaning, respect, connection, self-direction, passion and community.  Join parents,
educators and young people in celebrating learning that is based on democratic processes.

The 16th Annual International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) will meet in Canada for the first time Aug 11th-18th 2008.  IDEC is an international gathering of teachers, parents, students, researchers, and the wider public who have a common interest in democratic education.  This unique alternative to conventional schooling engages a school’s whole community in participatory democracy and in the school’s operation.  Such a school offers its students the day to day experience of democracy in action.

IDEC is hosted by the Vancouver based Society for the Advancement of Non-coercive Education (SANE.at.org) and is closely affiliated with Canada’s most established democratic school:  Windsor House (WHS.at.org)

Aug. 11th to 18th at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada

For information and registration visit: www.idec2008.org

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