Learning at Work Day: 22nd May

Campaign for Learning – Learning at Work Day 2008 details. From circus skills to financial training; relaxation to sessions on presentations; or dancing to time keeping – Learning at Work Day is a great opportunity to engage your colleagues. Last year an estimated 6,300 organisations tried these ideas and more. This year, why don’t you try something new? With just over a month to go there is still time to get your organisation involved. You can use our 60 minute planning guide or take a bit longer with our complete guide online. We also have activites you can download in our A-Z section and learning providers’ page that you can use to organise your Day – it couldn’t be easier.

If you have already planned your Learning at Work Day we can still help you. Downloadable posters are now available, so you can make sure your colleagues know what’s happening and when. Our PR team is also on hand to advise you on the best way to get yourself noticed – go to our media centre online for more information. You can also help us by registering your event and get yourself on our google learning map which is due to be launched in May

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