Conference – Alternative Educational Futures. June 17th 2016

Put this date in your diary! Head up on a Centre for Personalised Education Conference Alternative Educational Futures June 17th 2016. In memory of the late Prof Roland Meighan and Philip Toogood. More details will follow in due course.

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The First Flexischool

I’m currently working on the archives of two of this country’s greatest educational innovators the late Professor Roland Meighan and Philip Toogood. I last posted regarding some of

Book Review – The Head’s Tale by Philip Toogood (1984).

Book Review The Head’s Tale by Philip Toogood (1984). Peter Humphreys This book review forms part of many tributes to Philip Toogood’s life and career following his death in September 2013.

Philip Toogood. 11th October 1935 – 8th September 2013.

Flexischooling Learning Exchange 28th April- Last Call

The last few days to join us in Loughborough on Saturday 28th April for our Flexischooling Learning Exchange / Conference. Always refreshing and stimulating inputs and debate. Saturday

CPE-PEN Flexischooling Learning Exchange



‘rigid systems produce rigid people, flexible systems produce flexible people’ Dr Roland Meighan

 CPE-PEN Presents a Flexischooling Learning Exchange

Saturday 28th April

Flexischooling from ad hoc to tip of an iceberg?

We've reported many times on the growing number of flexischooling initiatives.  The concept originated with our own leading light Dr Roland Meighan and discussions held with  John


BOOK REVIEW by PHILIP TOOGOOD, Trustee of PERSONALISED EDUCATION NOW. Many thanks to Philip for this review of an important book. OVERSCHOOLED but UNDEREDUCATED by John Abbott with Heather MacTaggart ISBN

Book Review: Recapturing Childhood: Positive Parenting in the Modern World By Mildred Masheder

Recapturing Childhood: Positive Parenting in the Modern World by Mildred Masheder Published by Green Print. ISBN, 9781854250957 ( To obtain copies of this recent book, as well as the others

Minischooling and Flexischooling

I like Charles Leadbeater - he's done much to try and shift thinking about education and schooling. His work on personalisation has been helpful. On 8th July John

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