BBC News: School consultants ‘earned £170m’

 BBC News  Sunday, 6 September 2009 20:21 UK The Tories say ministers have mismanaged the rebuilding scheme  Local authorities have spent £170 million on consultants in a government scheme to refurbish and rebuild schools in England, the Conservatives say. They […]

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NCSL E-News 12th September 2008: New Future Website

A website has been developed to support the delivery of NCSL's Building Schools for the Future (BSF) and Primary Capital (PCP) Leadership programmes. Aimed at encouraging wider discussion

Futurelab – Vision Magazine 7 (July-Dec 2008)

Futurelab's bi-annual magazine features articles on the Children's Plan, the Primary Capital Programme, compulsory post-16 education, learners as co-designers, robots in education, and

Primary Capital Programme

You've all heard of the UK Building Schools for the Future  (BSF)- focussed on secondary sector. The Primary Capital Programme is also now coming to wider attention. The

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