Telegraph: If home-schooling is good for our children it is for us to say

Government plans to regulate home-schooling must be rebuffed, says Philip Johnston.   By Philip Johnston.Published: 6:29AM BST 19 Oct 2009 I attended a talk the other day given by a police chief under what are called Chatham House rules, which […]

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Natural learning key to success

The Washington Times Sunday, September 6, 2009 HOME-SCHOOLING: Natural learning key to success. By Kate Tsubata I naturally am excited to hear of the latest research, commissioned by the Home

The Washington Times: Home-schooling: Outstanding results on national tests

Home-schooling: Outstanding results on national tests. The Washington Times. By Michael Smith | Sunday, August 30, 2009 Extracts ...there is new research showing that the average home-schooler who takes standardized

IALA January E-News:

Range of Alternatives

We recently created the outline below showing the kinds of choices available to students in some parts of Minnesota. This may be similar to

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