Why Daydreaming is Critical to Effective Learning

From – MindShift http://ww2.kqed.org/mindshift/2014/10/06/why-daydreaming-is-critical-to-effective-learning/ By Katrina Schwartz October 6, 2014 There’s no doubt there are more distractions bombarding students than there were 50 years ago. Most kids have cellphones, use social media, play games, watch TV and are generally more […]

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Postitscience e-news September 2008

http://www.positscience.com/ Some interesting posts in the September e-news Is Dyscalculia a Type of Math Dyslexia? Sometimes Not Losing Is More Important Than Winning Vitamin B12 May Help Big Brains Daydreaming Appears Healthier

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